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Zerio-Scripts is a FiveM scripting group lead by "Zerio", with the mission to create premium scripts at a cheap price. We have a long history in the FiveM community and always make sure to quality check our products, we also strive to have great customer support and help you along the journey of using our scripts.

Zerio-Scripts uses the official FiveM script protection / encryption method to ensure the integrity of our scripts.
This system simply ensures total security of my products, ofcourse this doesn't affect the optimization or quality of the script. Remember that this system requires a fivem artifacts version which has this server built in, we at Zerio-Scripts always recommend using the latest recommended artifacts since that is the version that we currently test our scripts at.

Instantaneous Delivery

Upon purchasing a script from Zerio-Scripts you will automatically get your script delivered to your FiveM account, you will also automatically receive your Discord role.


All of our scripts here at Zerio-Scripts always have premade documentation about how to install them and use them in the right way!


All the scripts that we sell use top notch security to ensure that no one can dump or exploit the scripts you buy and also to ensure the intergrity of our scripts!

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