[ESX] Zerio Radio V2

20.00 EUR


This is a very simple and easy to use Radio script. It is nothing like the other radios in FiveM and has alot more features then most other radios. This script supports nearly all frameworks (including standalone) and all popular voice scripts. This Radio has all features you would want and it is perfect for both civil people, criminals and also as a police radio etc.

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  • Drag and drop installation
  • Realistic
  • Sounds & Animations
  • Radio Scanner
  • Control with Keyboard ¬†or Mouse
  • Custom Radio Prop
  • Sleek & Modern UI
  • Customizeable
  • Themes
  • Lifetime support
  • Frequencies locked for jobs

This script requires some sort of voice script, currently Mumble-Voip, Saltychat, TokoVoip and PMA-Voice is supported.

Support / Help

When buying any product from Zerio-Scripts, you can always obtain any sort of support in our  discord server. It can range from reporting errors / bugs to even help setting up the script or custom features. We will make sure that you are satisfied with your purschase!