[QB-Core] Zerio Invoice

20.00 EUR


This is a beautiful and feature-packed invoicing system. It is simple and effective to use, it contains all of the features you would need, such as sending invoices to both players/businesses, an in-game admin menu displaying all the information about your server's invoices, and much more!


  • Drag and drop installation
  • Player Invoices
  • Business Invoices
  • Admin Menu
    • Server Overview
    • Job Overview
    • Admin Management
    • Logs
  • Choose custom due/send dates
  • Autopay after due date
  • Sleek & Modern UI
  • Customizeable
  • Themes
  • Lifetime support

This script has only been tested on official variants of esx/qbcore, therefore we can only guarantee support for such versions. If you are using a custom version of esx or qbcore, it is up to you to modify the functions files to make the script fit your server.

Support / Help

When buying any product from Zerio-Scripts, you can always obtain support in our discord server. It can range from reporting errors/bugs even to help set up the script or custom features. We will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase!

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