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Zerio Crafting

Zerio Crafting

€18.00 EUR


Have you ever wanted to take your crafting experience to the next level but only found mediocre crafting scripts?
Look no further, this is an easy-to-understand and sleekly designed Crafting System for FiveM.
It has all the features you would need for an awesome crafting experience on your server.
It offers a large config to allow you to easily modify the script to your liking.


  • Large Config
  •  Locales / Translations
  • Job authorization and gang authorization (QB-Core)
  • Supports: BT-Target, QB-Target, QTarget, okokTextUi, QB-Core Text UI
  • Custom success rate for different items
  • Built-in level and exp system
  • All data gets saved, you do not have to worry about losing items if you crash, etc
  • Built-in awesome animations
  • Fully optimized
  • Lifetime support

This is an ESX script and for that reason, it requires an official version of es_extended. It has been tested on most of the newest versions and it supports any SQL script.
Our scripts do not support custom versions of ESX.
If a specific ESX version doesn't work then you can report it in our discord server and we will fix it as fast as possible!

Support / Help
When buying any product from Zerio-Scripts, you can always obtain any support in our discord server.
It can range from reporting errors/bugs to even help setting up the script or custom features.
We will make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase!

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