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Zerio Dispatch

Zerio Dispatch

€18.00 EUR






This is a modern Dispatch script with all the features that you would expect/need. It supports an (technically) infinite amount of different jobs/menus so you dont need to worry about having different dispatch scripts for different jobs, this simply supports all of them.


  • Default alerts (Shooting, Fighting Car Jacking, Player Death & Reckless Driving)
    There are built in alerts for events such as firing a gun, fighting, carjacking and such. Meaning that these alerts do not require any further setup to start being used.
  • Extensive Config
    We have an nicely structured, easy to understand and extensive config which will allow you to modify the script to fit your exact needs.
  • Translations for both UI and Lua
    All text shown in the script, such as notifications, the ui and everything else can all be translated
  • Support
    Support is a key feature for us, it is always included upon buying an product from us and we take pride in our fast response times & effective support work.
  • Member List
    You can view all your colleagues in a list, but also see where they are on the interactive map and such.
  • Alerts History
    You can view the history of all old alerts
  • Newest Alerts Box
    There is an UI which displays all the recent alerts and can be controled via keybinds.
  • Interactive Map
    The map featured in this script is highly interactive and accurate
  • Quick keybinds
  • See jobmembers on the dispatch map
  • PS-MDT Support


This is a QB-Core / ESX script and for that reason it requires any official version of QB-Core or ESX.
The script is always tested on the newest versions and it supports any oxmysql/ghmattimysql/mysql-async.
If a specific ESX / QB-Core version doesnt work then you can report it in our discord server and we will fix it as fast as possible!